Whether you have a vehicle or not, join Pool Karo and save up to 80% of travel costs.

Get the ride at More than 50% saving
Set your Own Flexible Hours
Offer empty seats & save half the fuel
Safe ride with verified professionals
Choose the gender you want to travel with

What is POOLKRO?

With rising inflation and traffic nowadays, we bring you the solution of your dreams to make your life a little less stressful.POOL KARO is an initiative to help daily commuters ease up the hassle of traveling daily on cabs, local transports, or by connecting to different rides everyday.

POOL KARO will help you connect with other like-minded professionals travelling on the same route and at the same time. It help commuters to start sharing the ride instead of traveling alone. Innovative technology to discover, connect, route match, coordinate and cost-share in a seamless manner. With that, it automates end to end process of carpooling & bike pooling and makes pooling safe, comfortable, and affordable for the urban commuters.

We are on the mission to remove 50% traffic from the road and provide SECURE RIDE to our VERIFIED Partners & Passengers


Optimising and improving the life styles of people across our region. We’re here to provide you with a hassle-free experience that makes your life easier.

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Ride Booking ?

Leaving behind just the idea of ride booking, we are here with the concept of ride-sharing

Within City

POOLKARO is the best option for socially responsible citizen to commute within the city. You can use it to go to the office, events, shopping parites or anywhere you like

Outside City

POOLKARO is low-cost to travel outside the city. With verified payments and live tracking, it is certainly safe to travel anywhere outside the city.

Before your Poolride

Pool partners undergo thorough a strict screening process. To safeguard your privacy, we engage our business partners for the biometric verification.

During your ride

In case of emergency, you can reach out to our 24/7 in-ride call centre or use the alert button (which will soon be available).

After your ride

You can rate your Partners Poolride. We work tirelessly to identify and mitigate potential risks along with more improvements

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i can create an account?

To create a Poolkaro account you need a valid mobile number. Download the app for your iOS or Android device and sign up with your mobile number. To make sure it’s your real number, we’ll send you a verification code via SMS which you need to enter to sign up.

Once your number is verified, Poolkaro team will screen the request then you’re ready to use Poolkaro!
During the registeration process, we ask for your personal information considering the security of partner and passenger. Once your biometric verification is complete we will screen your provided information and respond back within 2 business days on your provided email address and registered phome number
Our application will operate through verification code sent on your registered number. You can update your account information within the application and submit your change request to admin
If you have your own registered car or bike, you need to provide us with the required documentation. We will screen those and allow our Poolkaro Partners (PP) to use the application.
You can call directly on our 24/7 support center (+92-344-514-4444) or send us an email on support@poolkaro.com

Business Partners